Chabad Nottingham. 3 Gregory St, NG7 2LR


We are just off Derby Rd

You can Google Chabad Nottingham for directions

As we are in a residential area we need to be really careful about not clogging the local streets with cars.

  • We are easily accessible by foot for most of you

  • The tram stops at the bottom of our street (Gregory St stop) (3-4 min walk), and there are lots of buses both on Derby Rd and Abbey Street.

  • There is single yellow parking (restricted 1-2pm weekdays) across the road on Arnseby Road and Swenson Avenue, but we need to try and keep this to a minimum. If you do need to park there, please do so wisely, and spread out. A load of cars in one place can cause lots of harm to our work here.

  • There is also some parking near the Three Wheatsheaves pub, on Triumph Rd and on Church St

  • Do NOT PARK on Saxon Green

We will do our best to assist with shabbat accommodations for those coming from a distance. Please be in touch to arrange. 

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